Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) from cameras offers numerous applications. In Iterait, we have built a system helping cities to control the compliance of citizens when parking on controlled parking zones. Learn more about our case study in Prague districts.

Parking Enforcement

Effective parking enforcement with City Sense monitoring hybrid vehicles equipped with edge AI sensor kits.

Real-time license plate recognition
Full service including route planning
Kit compatible with any hybrid vehicle
City Infrastructure Data

Continuous monitoring of city infrastructure, surrounding areas and traffic flow as a service

Road defects detection
Missing or misplaced road signs detection
Long-term traffic insights

Case Study .

Since September 2022, Iterait has been operating a parking enforcement solution in Prague. Their four-year contract with the city involves daily monitoring of over 174,000 parking spaces. This is managed with a fleet of 12 Renault Captur hybrid vehicles, each equipped with a custom, AI-powered kit mounted on the roof. The kit includes three cameras, both standard and 3D, along with computing capabilities for real-time license plate recognition and 3D street modelling. Due to Iterait’s services, Prague can effectively monitor and control parking space usage, resulting in significant financial savings for the city.


Citysense In Your City

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